Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello was born in Cojímar, Cuba and spent her early life shuttling between Havana and Mexico City (her father is Mexican) before relocating to Miami with her mother when she was six.

Music was young Camila’s way of making friends as she learned to speak English herself. Too shy to sing in front of her family, she would wait until they left the house to practice her singing. Then one day Cabello saw a video that One Direction had posted that gave tips on how to audition for The X Factor. For her fifteenth birthday, instead of having a Quinceañera, Cabello asked her family to take her to North Carolina to audition, where Simon Cowell would later famously put her together with four other girls to form Fifth Harmony. While on tour around the world with the group, she wrote songs on her own and recorded them on GarageBand on her laptop, which she set up on the toilet in hotel bathrooms. She recently released her first solo single, “Crying In The Club” from her eagerly anticipated debut album which she says represents her in every way. “I’ve really put my whole heart into it. Not just the songs, but the performances, the production, the mixing, the cover art — it’s all a piece of me. Coming from a group, even though people may know me, they don’t know me. They don’t know who I am. They probably don’t know that I’m super emotional or that I was going through a very dark time. The most honest I can be is through my songs. On this album, I’m letting people into my heart and my world and welcoming them into my journey as a person.” Her second single “Havana,” which features Young Thug, is set to impact radio in October.