Q: How can I stay up-to-date with EMA updates and announcements?
A: Check our website and follow @MTVEMA on FacebookTwitterSnapchat and Instagram.  If you require any additional information on the MTV EMAs, please contact your local PR representative or email

Q: I’m a journalist who wants to report on the MTV EMAs – how can I access the broadcast?
A: The MTV EMAs 2020 will be broadcast on MTV at 9pm CET on Sunday 8 November.  If you would like to cover the show and do not have access to MTV, please contact

Q: How do I access photos, radio content and video clips of the MTV EMAs for news reports?
A: Every year, we make press releases, photos, audio/radio clips and video footage – in addition to EPK content – available to all media for news purposes.   This content can be found on the Press Releases, Video and Photos pages of this site, with usage detailed where appropriate.

Q: I am a journalist – where do I direct my interview request?
A: Please contact your local PR representative – or email